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Order bulk | wholesale Sauce Bars directly from Sauce Bars Essentials. 100 count per box 

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About The Wholesale Sauce

To begin, the Sauce is a sativa-dominant strain with rich flavors and a versatile high. It’s no longer just a slang term for booze. The Sauce is a cross between hybrid Green Ribbon and strong indica Gorilla Glue #4, created by prolific breeders Exotic Genetix, who have previously given us Kimbo Kush and Cookies & Cream. Wholesale Sauce Bars Disposable. It’s no surprise that this bud earned Best Flower at the 2015 Dope Cup in Seattle, thanks to its earthy, multi-layered flavor. Its THC content has been estimated to range from 15% to a whopping 28%. disposable 1 gram dab pen.

Wholesale Sauce Bars directly from Sauce Bars Essentials. 100 count per box.

With its little leaves curled tightly inward toward their center stems, these blossoms have an indica-like form. oil carts.

Moreso, the leaves themselves are a brilliant spring green with curly, pale yellow pistils running through them. Which make the flowers extremely difficult to break apart without a grinder. sauce carts thc.

Nevertheless, the Sauce’s blossoms burst with the deep and earthy smell of milk chocolate when properly cured. A distinct sweet and sour flavour lingers beneath the surface. premium sauce carts. Also, when these buds are burning, they produce a dense bitter smoke that can cause coughing and wet eyes. This thick smoke has a tropical citrus flavor on the exhale, with some skunky fruity undertones. strawberry fritter strain.

Sauce Bar Disposable

It doesn’t take long for the sauce to take hold. Smokers may experience a pronounced head rush, accompanied by a flush in the cheeks. Wholesale Sauce Bars Disposable. In some cases, an increase in salivation, before they’ve even completed coughing. Some sensory amplification may be present as well, with some pseudo hallucinations occurring in the peripheral or smokers’ vision. distillate sauce.

  • They come in boxes of 100, sealed, with a scannable barcode for authentication. No pesticides, bleaches, or clays using in the production of this product, which is creating entirely from absolute pure delta 9 distillate.
  • Today is the day to order wholesale Sauce Bars from us. premium sauce cart 1000mg

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