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Taste : Apple, Mango, Pine and Cedar
Strain : Trainwreck x Hawaiian

About Aloha Express

With a complex flavor that spans sour juniper and musky cedar notes, Aloha Express delivers spacey cerebral effects perfect for meditative or creative activities. Its buds bloom with trichome-covered calyxes that carry a red tint as the flowers mature. Sometimes, a boost of energy makes all the difference in staying ahead of the game. To this end, Aloha Express works perfectly.

Aloha Express is an introspective sativa strain that descends from Aloha Blue and Ghost Train Haze.  Not only that, it keeps users feeling upbeat throughout the day.  In creating the Sativa-dominant herb, breeders took Aloha Blue for its award-winning though-provoking cerebral high. Adding to its appeal are the hints of purple and red on its buds. Meanwhile, Aloha Express’ crystallized buds are an inheritance from Ghost Train Haze.

Aloha Express is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created through crossing the powerful Aloha Blue X Ghost Train Haze strains. If you’re looking for a fix for mental pain, aloha express strain is a one-way ride to complete relief. The high is spacey and cerebral in nature with a light tingle that keeps pains at bay. You’ll feel a euphoric rush at the onset of the high, which immediately erases any negative thoughts and puts you in a great mood overall.

Taste and Flavor

Aloha Express has a strong smoke that washes the lips with a bitter flavor as it is pulled in. The taste of damp soil and intensely spicy herbs, which intensifies on the exhale, is balancing. The perfume of Aloha Express is powerful diesel with a hint of herbal spice. A musky aroma comparable to moist earth permeates the air as it is broken up or combusted. haute sauce disposable At this point, you’ll have a sense of focus and motivation that will give you the push you need to get started on whatever mental tasks you have on your plate.sauce vs live resin. This focused mood quickly turns stoney, lulling you into a state of relaxation when all you can do is smile and chuckle.

Effects of Alpha Express

This is not a game for the faint of heart. It contains high levels of THC, ranging from 19% to 21%. These effects, together with its high 19-21 percent average THC level, make Aloha Express ideal for treating migraines or headaches, inflammation, nausea, and glaucoma or excessive eye pressure. sauce carts thc. Fresh pine and nutty herbal tea complement the sour cedar flavor. sleep puff bar. Not only that, but a few puffs of its acrimonious smoke are nearly enough to propel users to new heights. disposable thc bar. It’s safe to say that for many thrill enthusiasts, it’s a dream come true. sauce live resin disposable.

It also comes with an uplifting high that almost always makes inhalers/smokers feel good. oil pen near me. Many people get more animated than normal, however, some become a little too chatty for their own good. blueberry fritter strain.

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  1. Dwayne

    Good customer service answered all my questions and they are patient with clients

  2. Dominic Balor

    ALOHA EXPRESS my favorite 🤩

  3. Rogan Marco

    I have been looking for this for a while now but thanks to you guys I finally found it

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